It's Never Too Late To Be A Sugar Baby.

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We all know that finding the right SD is so damn hard. But it's never too late to live the life you always wanted and to be happy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a sugar baby, as long as you are completely clear that that's what you want and anything else is on the table and he agrees to it. I'm sure someone will do it, but I don't think many wills. Some girls are just in "for the brands and lifestyle" because their life motto is to outdo and make other women envious of them. Most sugar babies do not even want to be sugar babies, but they need the extra support, They either want help paying for school, buying a car may be, saving up, etc. Why would you ask a younger sugar baby who is in financial need to be okay with not receiving an allowance?

Young women entering sugar need to apply a similar process and one of the most fundamental rules is to avoid financial exposure both for the financial loss and emotional loss. A responsible SD understands that and is comfortable handling such things in a way that is both comforting and respectful of the SB and the relationship. Many sugar daddies are seeking a fun arrangement where has lots of chemistry, with fun dates eating, drinking, flirting, and laughing the night away. Mutual benefits including allowance, See each other once a week or so. They are looking for a mutually beneficial situation where they both feel like they are getting what they'd like out of it.

Not all SDs are good. Some can burn you out emotionally. However, you should always be financially enriched. That's the entire premise of the relationship. In the future set your boundaries, including how you're willing to accept payments and stick to them. If a sugar daddy won't respect your boundaries then he's not good and probably not even real. Your personal banking information, you helping him move money via your account is an immediate RED FLAG. Any legitimate SD does not need his SB to help him in finances, he's an SD because he's already made wise financial decisions and can afford his sugar side of life.

You've done it all and you are still a brilliant queen. To all the sugar babies, of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds, you are worth every gift, dollar, and vacation. You work hard, and play hard. Please keep remembering your worth. You're doing the best you can out here and I'm so proud of you. Your potential to be great is amazing and I support you 100%! Most of you have already blossomed into gorgeous, decent, and sweet people. I know sugaring can be difficult, especially with the low points of the bowl, but you've persevered and overcome.

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